Friday, 30 October 2009

Hellooo Winter

The winter months are arriving, the days and short and the darkness had come. This means no more hacking after school :(

Mayfly has had to say a much needed welcome to the clippers, this year she has just had a little bib clip in hope that it will keep her a little cooler and prevent too much sweat but not making her too cold either. As it is not like she is in full work but she needed something as after our charges around the countryside she is a ball of sweaty fluff! hahaa

Good news is that the bridleway which gets ridiculously muddy in the winter has been re-surfaced :D:D so fingers crossed hacking will be a lot less mud filled this winter :)

However, problems were caused when they were doing the work. Mayfly and I had to play super spies in order to sneak out on our hack across the 'shut' bridle way, past all the scary flappy orange tap, sign posts and much more...but we managed it.
Until one day...we made our way to the gate onto the bridleway and out of nowhere came a very noisy tractory horse eating creature, Mayfly went mad and we were off across the field running away from the monster. I was just holding my breath that she would manage to navigate around the coffin XC jump! ahaa

We have also had to acquaint ourselves to the new neighbours which come in the form of lamas and noisy turkeys, all very scary according to Mayfly! :')

Ohhh and the deer are out and about again, we came across one the other day which was a BEAST, massive male with huge muscle and antlers...Mayfly clever took the option of running aways from it very very fast. wayyyheyyy :)
Someones not got any arthritis anymore ahaha.

Friday, 11 September 2009

What a Madame!

Mayfly is still happily hacking around the countryside :)

She had a lovely summer doing so, but now summer is coming to an end and she is getting somewhat fluffy! ahhh the good old winter coats.

She has had a few canters on the stubble fields, and she even took off with me full pelt gallop across one. I had no control at all, but by the end of it she was unsurprisingly rather tired lol.

On our hack the other day she decided to make a big scene out of, what I believe to be, nothing. to say I got angry with her is an understatement! haa
First of all she stopped, and wouldn't walk on. Then when I put on my leg she started to go backwards, then sideways and then she made a quick spin and attempted to take off with me. If that wasn't enough she then decided to play up and start going sideways past some logs and making some stressy snorting and heavy breathing!
As for her thoughts on food, she can't stop eating. I think the summer grass is finally going so she now feels she needs to eat more..despite the fact that she is the size of a house! She spends every moment of everyday, when anyone appears into her sight, shouting for more feed. whataa fatty ay?! :D

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Doesn't she look so at home... :)
She loved all the attention, she loved her appletizer, and she decided to attempt to try the potted plant in the bottom right corner of the picture. Luckily I grabbed her before she did!

It was a lovely hack down, took 1hour 15minutes to get there and then 1hour to get home. With a nice 1hour break at the pub (with plenty of eyes on Mayfly) it was a brilliant day out.

On the hack down we came upon some stubble which Fly insisted on zooming along. Although she tired herself out as she is so unfit at the moment bless the fat mare. She was really funny as well as she was convinced that I was lost and therefore obviously needed her to take us both home as quick as possible!

On the way back we went through a very overgrown bridleway with thorn bushes coming from every direction. I knew before I had gone through that it was going to end up nastily, and it was. I lent right across Mayfly's neck, which she took as an opportunity to trot off and seeing as I had no control there was not much I could do about this. At the same time I had thorns attacking me all along my arms and over my back (seeing as I am so clever and it was a hot day I was only in a vest). Once I came to the end of this hell I was covered in blood and was incredibly painful!

Apart from that minor slip up the hack was very enjoyable and I will definitely being doing it again, however I will not be going down that bridle way!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Happy Horse :D

Mayfly is obviously feeling brilliant at the moment!

She is flying round hacks, and happily breaks into canter when she feels the ground is good :)
It is so nice to see her enjoying herself again and being able waddle round the hertfordshire countryside.
I have been thinking that maybe she is going faster due to my amazing singing that she has to deal with on our hacks (I wouldn't be surprised!) with the thinking that the sooner she returns the sooner my singing will stop, haha. Today she broke into canter and was about to zoom off, the fastest she has gone in a long time but, I thought that it was probably best if I did hold her back a bit or she would be regretting in tomorrow!
We manage to beat the big black thunderstorm back though, I was worried about being stuck in it not only because of the scary thunder and lightning but also seeing as I was not wearing appropriate clothing for a heavy downpour!

I thought as well that she has lost a bit of weight whilst I was away...hmm I am sure that was just my eyes playing tricks on me ;) She has gone the beautiful fox colour that she goes in the summer, she looks so pretty and I finally got round to pulling her mane :D

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Fat Ponio is back in work :)

I am so happy that Mayfly is back in work again :)
we are back to doing our waddling hacks around the beautiful countryside causing mayhem and destruction to the greenery that she must eat!

When walking out of the yard all tacked up she plays up, and drags her legs as if to say she is too lame to go out. But once we get going she is more than happy to be out.
I'm letting her pick the pace and occasionally she breaks into an extended trot, which is very pleasing (although only past turnings so she zooms down the track which leads to the home the quickest!) she is soo naughty!

It is really nice to be riding her again, as it gives me a chance to go on a relaxing hack without having to be on my toes all the time. However, Mayfly still pops in a spook or some sort of cheekiness to liven up the hack. lol.

Hopefully she will be able to keep up the light hacking for a long time still :)