Friday, 30 October 2009

Hellooo Winter

The winter months are arriving, the days and short and the darkness had come. This means no more hacking after school :(

Mayfly has had to say a much needed welcome to the clippers, this year she has just had a little bib clip in hope that it will keep her a little cooler and prevent too much sweat but not making her too cold either. As it is not like she is in full work but she needed something as after our charges around the countryside she is a ball of sweaty fluff! hahaa

Good news is that the bridleway which gets ridiculously muddy in the winter has been re-surfaced :D:D so fingers crossed hacking will be a lot less mud filled this winter :)

However, problems were caused when they were doing the work. Mayfly and I had to play super spies in order to sneak out on our hack across the 'shut' bridle way, past all the scary flappy orange tap, sign posts and much more...but we managed it.
Until one day...we made our way to the gate onto the bridleway and out of nowhere came a very noisy tractory horse eating creature, Mayfly went mad and we were off across the field running away from the monster. I was just holding my breath that she would manage to navigate around the coffin XC jump! ahaa

We have also had to acquaint ourselves to the new neighbours which come in the form of lamas and noisy turkeys, all very scary according to Mayfly! :')

Ohhh and the deer are out and about again, we came across one the other day which was a BEAST, massive male with huge muscle and antlers...Mayfly clever took the option of running aways from it very very fast. wayyyheyyy :)
Someones not got any arthritis anymore ahaha.

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